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A secure website protects user data and increases confidence in your brand and business. Without adequate protection, sites leak important information and drive visitors away. From SSL certificates to WordPress updates, our ongoing Care Plans make sure you’re always covered.


GDPR imposes legal requirements on websites and their owners. All of our websites include a compliant Cookie Policy which keeps up-to-date with ICO guidelines. We also provide audits and updates for all plugins.


Around 10% of your webiste visitors will be blind or partially-sighted. You have legal obligations to ensure that the inforation on your site is accessible for every visitor. This involves building an inclusive design strategy from the start, which includes behind-the-scenes SEO to help screen-readers.

Darlington Web Design

We build bridges.

We design clean, contemporary websites – and then the real work begins.

We understand that our clients not only want a site that looks good, but one that gets results. Our core focus is on building you a platform which demonstrates what you can do. This might mean a site which conveys your values, professionalism and standing within your professional community. It could mean appealing to prospective customers and clients. Or it could mean demonstrating your capabilities in order to win the kind of contracts which grow your business.

But we don’t just make things look nice. The professional values which underpin our approach are security, compliance and accessibility. Our projects all include regular monitoring and updates to ensure that the site and information which passes through it is secure; that is is fully compliant with relevant regulations (eg. GDPR); and that it is as accessible as possible for all users.


Based in the North East of England, we serve clients all over the world.


Corporate & Portfolio

We specialise in perfecting business websites to ensure that your company can compete in the global marketplace. For investors, we offer portfolio audit and analysis services to ensure that assets are performing at their optimum level.

Darlington Web Design

Strategy & Design

Your website needs to reflect the quality of your products and services. Our designs focus on what you do bets, and open a direct line of communication between you and yoour prospective customers or clients.

Darlington Web Design

Industrial & Commercial

For companies in the B2B sector, websites need to showcase your capabilities and act as leverage in deal-making. Give potential partners  a stunning visual demonstration of what you can do.

Darlington Web Design
All of our websites are built using the WordPress platform

And wer’e not alone. 30% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress. We use it because it allows us to create stunning, highly functional and effective designs. Just as importantly, WordPress features a very easy to learn Content Management System (CMS) which measn that you will be able to make day-to-day updates without having to pay for an expensive developer each time you do.

Every site we build comes with:

The security of your website is pararmount. Not only does a secure website guarantee the safety and privacy of any information clients send to you, it also builds trust.

The ICO has recently published their guidance on what a compliant Cookie Policy should look like. The result is that you may think your current policy is compliant, but it most likely isn’t. We only install ‘intelligent’ pop-ups which allow your users to remain in complete control.

Your website needs to be fast. It needs to load quickly to keep potential cutsomers and clients’ attention. We only use the very best web hosting providers, and will select the best option for you depending on your location.

Every website requires maintenance. In the fast-moving world of information technology, websites are vulnerable to hacking attempts and the spread of malware. Server-side technology also changes from time-to-time, and this needs to be closely monitored. All of our projects come with Care Plans, and we also offer them to existing builds which need to be properly supported. For more details on this, please see the section below:

Our WordPress Care Plans.


£195 / month ex. VAT
  • Get the basics covered
  • WordPress updates
  • Site backups
  • Security monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Migration
  • Technical support (48hr response)

One of our recent projects.

Custom website re-design for the Singapore branch of global accounting firm Rawlinson & Hunter.

darlington web design

The original site

When we came to the project, the site was using a very distinct 'tiled' look from a pre-existing template. Whilst this had served a purpose and was certainly striking, the leadership team at R&H Singapore felt that the time was right for an update, and so commissioned us to create something for them.

darlington web design

Our bespoke design update

Our brief was to create a modern feel, but one which stayed rooted in the traditional values of this world-renowned accountancy firm. We blended contemporary styling cues with splashes of local colour, and paired this with a solid, professional framework. The end result is a site which consolidates R&H Singapore's position at the top-table of global accounting, but which also retains a familiar and centred feeling for existing clients.

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